The Top Benefits of Taking Your Vehicle to a RAC Garage

When you experience problems with your vehicle, or it’s due for an annual checkup, it can be difficult to decide which garage to bring it to – after all, there are lots of garages out there, but who’s to say they can give your vehicle the care it needs – and more importantly, provide you with a value for money service? But ask any automobile enthusiast, and they will tell you that your best bet would be to bring your car or vehicle to a garage that is RAC approved and accredited. But what is the difference between a RAC garage and one that’s not? What are the top benefits of taking your vehicle to a RAC garage? Let’s find out.

What is the network, and why does it work?

The RAC garage network comprises both RAC accredited and RAC-approved garages and repair shops, and it is the biggest (and best) network in the UK, helping drivers keep their vehicles road-worthy. There may be hundreds – even thousands – of garages in the UK, but when someone goes to a RAC-approved or accredited garage, they have additional peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is in the best hands.

What do you get when you bring your vehicle for servicing at a RAC garage? Well, all garages within the RAC network follow a strict code of conduct and a customer charter which is approved by the CTSI. This means you get the following:

  • Quality service and work – any work or repair done to your vehicle is guaranteed to meet the highest standards the RAC sets. In addition, the job comes with a warranty of 12k miles or 12 months, whichever happens first.
  • Fair and honest prices – a RAC garage will always give you fair and reasonable pricing, and all the work or repair done to your vehicle will be clearly explained, and all the expenses will be transparent
  • Guaranteed peace of mind – your peace of mind is a given at RAC-approved garages, and you will be faced with friendly yet professional workers, which is priceless
  • Excellent customer service and support – as mentioned, the staff will be friendly and will explain what needs to be done clearly and succinctly, and it will be free from jargon and straightforward.

As mentioned, there are RAC-approved garages and RAC-accredited garages, and there is also a difference between the two. For instance, a RAC-approved garage has the appropriate signage and branding inside and out, whilst a RAC-accredited garage will have fewer signs and branding. But more importantly, RAC-approved garages will offer all RAC services and products, whilst RAC-accredited garages may offer some of these, but not all. These include a vehicle health check, MOT assist, and a service plan.

But both RAC-approved and RAC-accredited garages will provide you with standardised maintenance, service, and repair, and they will both adhere to the conduct set forth by the RAC Customer Charter and Code of Conduct. Both garages will also offer emergency repair services and in-house conciliation service (in case you are not happy with the service or work, then the garage will help you find a solution), and garages also have national coverage and a 12-month guarantee (or a 12k-mile guarantee), whichever comes first. One more difference between the two which is worth noting, is that with a RAC-approved garage, there is ample parking and plenty of toilets and waiting rooms.

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